Urinary Catheterisation Skills Workshop

Would you benefit from improving your knowledge and skills in Urinary Catheterisation and the associated risks?

We offer a 3 hour practical update including troubleshooting tips, advice on product choice and alternatives to catheterisation.


Doppler Assessment Skills Training

Are you involved in Leg Ulcer Management?  Would you benefit from practical training on how to carry out a doppler assessment and how to use your findings as part of an holistic assessment.

We deliver a rolling programme of Doppler Assessment Skills training across Cambridgeshire.


Maintaining Independence – Practical Tips for Older People and their Families

When older people experience a decline in their physical abilities due to illness or an event such as a fall, it can be tricky to help them to maintain their independence and remain in their own home.  Their friends may be in a similar predicament and family members are often trying to juggle jobs and children, so time is in short supply.  Ideally, the precious time that is available should be quality time to enjoy each other’s company rather than a stressful rush to do all the “jobs” which inevitably leads to frayed tempers and, worse case scenario, a failure to cope.


Diabetic Footcare Training

Would your team benefit from a practical update on carrying out diabetic foot checks and improving your confidence in what to do with your findings?

Julie Bratchell, Advanced Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist is able to deliver training (2.5 hours) in your local workplace for up to 10 participants.