Getting Flu is not to be sneezed at

The days are getting shorter now and it is already darker in the mornings.  I’ve got my winter woollies out and there is definitely a nip in the air first thing.  Still – the sun is quite bright and getting out in the day time and doing some gentle exercise is good for you, so out I go with the dogs!

As usual I’m thinking about keeping well through the winter and we all know the local health services are always under more pressure at this time of year.  I am also thinking about keeping my family healthy and especially my 91 year old mum who may succumb to the worst effects of winter bugs.


The government ‘flu campaign is in full swing and I think all children under 7 and the most vulnerable people, including those who are over 65 and those with long term conditions, are targeted and offered a ‘flu shot.  It’s a sensible plan to have the shot as getting flu is not to be sneezed at!  However, I am not sure everyone realises that if you regularly look after someone who is more vulnerable or elderly, then as a carer you are also entitled to a free flu vaccination at your doctor’s surgery.  You might need to tell your doctor that you are a carer as they may not know.   Carers UK and the NHS website  have all of the details.  It is a good idea because if you don’t get ill then the person you care for is less likely to get ill too.



  • Kelly

    October 26, 2016at5:03 pm Reply

    I did not know that , thank you great advice

    • SK Nurses

      October 26, 2016at5:13 pm Reply

      Glad you found it useful Kelly.

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