Nursing the Buurtzorg way!

In 2006, four nurses in the Netherlands set up their own social enterprise organisation, Buurtzorg, to look after older people in their homes in a truly patient-centered and holistic way. 10 years on, Buurtzorg employs more than 10,000 nurses and has established a reputation for delivering effective care at a lower cost per patient and for being a great organisation to work for.

So what do Buurtzorg do differently?

The organisation has created a working environment that minimises bureaucracy and enables nurses to focus on helping patients to build their capabilities and independence.

The nurses work in a self-managed team covering a defined geographical area and have the professional freedom to work with their caseload of patients to decide how the care is provided. They organise and are responsible for the complete care delivery and co-ordination of support – assessing the patient’s needs, mapping networks of informal and formal care, delivery of personal and health care as well as promoting self-care and independence. With the support of a coach, they also prepare their own work schedules and rotas, manage their own budget, recruit new staff to the team, identify their own professional development needs and promote solution focused care delivery. The team even find their own office and choose their own furniture!

All this makes complete sense to us at SK Nurses and we couldn’t wait to see if we could set up a Buurtzorg team in Cambridgeshire! It turns out we can and so we are going to!

If you are a registered nurse with community experience and would like to join us, find out more here.

  • Linda Addison

    April 19, 2017at1:42 pm Reply

    I would be very interested in attending your workshop

    • SK Nurses

      April 19, 2017at2:25 pm Reply

      Thank you Linda for your interest and we would love to see you at the workshop. It is being held on Tuesday 25th April, 1 – 4pm. We will email registration details to you. S & K

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