Malnutrition in older people – how does that happen?

As an experienced community nurse and carer, I was glad the newspapers have recently highlighted the increase in admissions of older people to hospital due to malnutrition. My own 91 year old mother had a fall earlier this year.   No cause was found for this

Planning ahead – Self-care for life

This week is self-care week.  The theme is "understanding self-care for life".  But the question we want to know the answer to is "if I care for myself, then what difference can it make and why is it important?" There are lots of elements to self-care

Getting Flu is not to be sneezed at

The days are getting shorter now and it is already darker in the mornings.  I've got my winter woollies out and there is definitely a nip in the air first thing.  Still - the sun is quite bright and getting out in the day time