Diabetic Footcare Training

Would your team benefit from a practical update on carrying out diabetic foot checks and improving your confidence in what to do with your findings?

Julie Bratchell, Advanced Diabetes Specialist Podiatrist is able to deliver training (2.5 hours) in your local workplace for up to 10 participants.

The training includes:
-What makes the diabetic foot high risk
-How to carry out a diabetic foot check
-Understanding the assessment grading as required by NICE
-Using a hand-held Doppler and understanding audible waveforms
-What to do with your findings
-Charcot foot
-Diabetic foot ulcers and dressings
-How, when and where to refer a patient
-Case Studies
-Practical Diabetic Foot assessment

If you have a patient (or two) who is willing to participate as a subject for the practical session in the final hour, it really enhances the learning! The more challenging it is to find the patient’s pulses, the better for training purposes.

What participants have said about the training:
“Very useful to practice, very good trainer, very good update”
“Very interesting & informative”
“Very good practical session”

Diabetic Footcare Training Flyer

For more information or to arrange local training:
Tel: 01480 220212
Email: contact@sknurses.co.uk or click here

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